State Library of Victoria > La Trobe Journal

No 36 December 1985


Select List of Accessions to the Picture Collection, 1984


  • 149 glass negatives, 11 lantern slides and 14 cellulose negatives, with 165 photographs of views of central and north-eastern Victoria, including many photographs of birds, taken by Mr. A.H.E. Mattingley, photographer and ornithologist. (Gift)
  • Album containing 44 photographs showing the construction of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 1958–1959, compiled by the architects. (Gift)
  • Collection of photographs and photoprints of Chinese families in Victoria, 1886–1982. (Gift)
  • Album of photographs relating to Sands & McDougall Ltd., Manufacturing Stationers, 1896 including interior and exterior views of the building and scenes of people at work. (Purchase)
  • 98 photoprints copied from photographs of inner suburban slum areas displayed in an exhibition, “Housing as it was; Melbourne 1900–1940,” presented by the Ministry of Housing and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria in 1984. (Gift)
  • 515 cellulose negatives, including many of domestic appliances, taken by Mr. Lyle Fowler, 1930–1946. These form part of the Paynting Collection. (Purchase)
  • 434 photoprints, 308 35mm. negatives and 15 original photographs, all relating to World Wars I and II aircraft. (Copied from privately owned originals)
  • 2 albums containing a total of 88 photographs of Ripponlea, dated 1880 and 1903. (Deposited by the National Trust of Australia, Victoria)
  • 10 photographs showing the destruction at Macedon, Victoria caused by the Ash Wednesday bushfires, February 1983, photographed by Major L.H. Andrew (Army retired). (Gift)
  • Approximately 700 photographs and photoprints, collected by the Italian Historical Society, showing many aspects of the life of Italian settlers in Victoria from 1900 to 1945. This collection is a continuing project. (Gift)

Paintings and drawings

  • Oil painting on canvas showing the Swanston Street facade of the State Library in 1883, signed H.N.E. Cook. (Purchase)
  • Watercolour of The Park Gold Mining Company, by William Tibbits, pre 1870. (Gift)
  • Oil painting showing William Little in mayoral robes, by J. Swinton Diston, 1890. (Purchase)
  • Oil painting entitled The Union meeting, by C. Nielsen, 1931. (Purchase)
  • Watercolour, entitled Cunninghame, Lakes Entrance, by E.A.A. Dunn, 1913. (Purchase)
  • Watercolour showing Princes Bridge, signed G. Pownall, 1931. (Purchase)
  • Watercolour showing a view of Spring Street and Parliament House, by W. Young, 1923. (Purchase)
  • Oil painting on canvas entitled The Artist's Home, by Dora L. Wilson, c. 1930s. (Purchase)
  • Two acrylic paintings, by Mike Brown, entitled The view from Ernie's oasis II and III, both dated 1979. (Gift)
  • Collection of 28 original cartoons by artists such as Jim Russell, Harry McKnell, Stan Cross and Armstrong, submitted for inclusion in a Road Safety Council calendar, c.1950s. (Gift)

Printed ephemera

  • Collection of 86 Christmas and other greetings cards designed by Roland Harvey and published by Roland Harvey Studio, 1981–1983. (Gift)
  • Five petrol ration tickets issued by the Commonwealth of Australia, 1949. (Gift)
  • 20 raffle tickets issued for the St. Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne, Miniature Picture Campaign 1918, each ticket featuring a coloured illustration of an Australian bush theme by J.A. Turner. (Gift)
  • 73 greetings cards published by Valentine Textron in 1984. (Gift)
  • Collection of paper bags, cardboard boxes and wrapping paper used to wrap goods purchased at Myer Melbourne Department Stores in 1983. (Gift)
  • Coloured certificate presented by the Borough and Shire of Stawell to James Bryant, who served in the 60th Battalion during World War I. (Gift)
  • 104 postcards with sepia reproductions of early Australia photographs, in a series entitled Australian yesteryear cards, published by John Olsen, c.1984. (Gift)
  • 40 coloured posters with political and social themes, designed by Wendy Black and printed at Red Letter Press, c.1980-c.1984. (Purchase)
  • 6 menus printed for the Dining Car Service of the Central Australian Railway, c.1950-c.1960, featuring coloured reproductions of photographs by R.H. Bartlett. (Gift)
  • 29 printed postcards on anti-nuclear themes, published by Red Letter Press and other presses, 1982–1984. (Purchase)

Architectural drawings

  • Set of the measured drawings submitted for the Matthew Flinders Measured Drawing Competition, 1983. (Gift)
  • 31 architectural drawings showing proposed alterations to the Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne, 1956 and set designs for the Black and White Minstrel Show, 1962. (Gift)
  • 82 architectural drawings by the firm of Grainger, Kennedy and Little, Melbourne, 1887–1914. (Gift)


  • Bronze plaque, encased in oak, bearing the words ‘He died for freedom and honour’, being a memorial to Leslie Hyde who fought and died in the First World War, c.1915. (Gift)
  • Union Flag which accompanied Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica and was brought back by Andrew Keith Jack. (Gift)
  • Silk theatre programme for a performance of Delicate ground, The seven ages of woman and Polymelos at the Princess Theatre on 21 July, 1858. (Purchase)