Searching for articles

Within the 'Articles' tab, use the 'Quick article search' to search across a wide range of resources and get fast results. You can also do a quick search of EBSCO databases or choose your own set through the Databases A–Z list.

Quick article search

'Quick article search' is a single large database of scholarly full-text journal articles, ebooks, conference proceedings, reviews, newspaper articles and more. It includes a wide range of the Library's online subscription databases together with many free websites. Search results are returned very quickly and are generally very relevant.

Quick EBSCO search

A 'Quick EBSCO search' allows you to search across 12 major EBSCO databases with results returned very quickly. EBSCO databases cover a wide range of subjects and can be a good place to begin your research for scholarly journal articles. You will need to sign in to search if you are not onsite in the Library. The 'Quick EBSCO search' has limited options for refining your search.

Accessing articles in the Library & from home

All the databases included in an 'Articles' search can be accessed when you are on site at the Library without signing in.

Some articles can be accessed by anyone (ie, you don't need to be signed in) from anywhere (onsite or outside the Library). The 'Quick article search' contains many free sources as well as subscription-only material.

Most of these databases are also accessible from home if you are a registered Library user and Victorian resident. To access them, first sign in to the catalogue (via the 'Sign in' link on the top right of the catalogue). Select the 'View online' link for the article you wish to view. You'll be prompted to sign in again on the 'Access from home' log-in screen and agree to the Conditions of access. (If there is no 'View online' link, you may be able to view the article online via the links in the 'Other options' or 'Details' tabs.)

The first time you sign in you will see a 'lightbox' giving you the option to personalise your results. You can choose a degree and/or disciplines to assist in bringing more relevant articles to the top of your results. You can edit all these preferences at any time in 'My account'.

More articles

Some of the Library's electronic resources are not available in the 'Articles' tab. To search for more articles and ebooks, see the eResources section on our Research tools page. You can also use the Databases A–Z list to explore the Library's subscription databases and create your own custom set to search.