Printing, emailing & sharing

You can print, email and share records of the catalogue items you find. You don't need to be signed in as a registered Library user to do these things.

From the 'Send to' drop-down menu you can:

  • email a catalogue record to yourself or a friend
  • print a catalogue record
  • save a record to My items (your items will only be saved for your current session unless you have signed in)
  • push a record to online bookmarking and reference management applications such as Delicious, EndNote Web and RefWorks.

To locate the 'Send to' drop-down menu, open the 'Locations', 'Request', 'Details' or 'Comments & tags' tab in the catalogue record. The 'Send to' menu will appear in the top right of the tab.

If you are signed in you can also use the 'Comments & tags' tab to share what you know about a catalogue item, and save your searches.