Using Browse search

Browsing the catalogue can assist with finding related items quickly. Using the Browse search facility allows you to browse an alphabetical list of all collection items by author, title or subject, or a numerical list by call number.

Subject list

The subject list allows you to browse the list of subject headings (words related to the topic of an item arranged in a hierarchy from general to specific). Because this is an alphabetical list, if you are interested in two subjects (eg history and Victoria), it is more effective to do a standard keyword search and limit it to 'Subject'.

Author list

The author list allows you to browse a list of authors or creators alphabetically by family name. To search, enter a family name, followed by a personal name or initial if desired. For example, 'smith, j'.

Title list

The title list allows you to browse an alphabetical list of titles, starting with the first word in the title (omitting articles such as 'the', 'an' and 'a').

Call number

The call number list allows you to browse a numerical list of the Dewey numbers that have been assigned to items. To search, enter the call number without any location prefix (such as B, SLT, AO). Because Dewey numbers are based on subjects, this can be a useful way of finding related information regardless of its physical location in the Library. This list also includes shelf names and locations for collections such as microfilm, pictures and other non-book materials, which may not be related by subject.