The West & the map of the world

Matthew Richardson
The Miegunyah Press in association with the State Library of Victoria
Paperback Illustrated ISBN 9780522858563

Inspired by antique maps and the mapmaker's global vision, The West and the map of the world presents the past as a single narrative in which European history is an offshoot of Asian history.

Matthew Richardson explains that the dominating ethos of the modern West owes more to hordes of Asian nomads, who colonised Europe, than to the classical civilisation of the Greeks and Romans. Surprising insights include reappraisals of the historic roles of Chinese bureaucrats, Greek cities, Christian explorers and the Dieppe maps, which spark arguments about Australia’s discovery.

Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 outstanding maps from the State Library of Victoria, and based on ancient and medieval writings, this book reaches striking conclusions about the modern success of the West.

Matthew Richardson is an author and history editor whose previous books include The Penguin book of firsts, The Halstead treasury of ancient science fiction, Imagination, War in words and Once a jolly swagman, and is the publisher for Halstead Press.

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