Voyages to the South Seas: in search of Terres Australes

Danielle Clode
The Miegunyah Press in association with the State Library of Victoria
Paperback 376pp Illustrated ISBN 9780522855425

Through revolution and empire, war and bloodshed, France remained fascinated with Australia, sending expeditions of dedicated young men to explore the utopian paradise of the Pacific, from Australia to the frozen expanses of Antarctica.

Voyages to the South Seas reveals the true stories of explorers who risked, and often lost, their lives in pursuit of their passion. It is the story of noble men impoverished by their obsessions, men of modest origin made famous by courage and intellect, and young men – and the occasional woman – who risked their lives for adventure, excitement and the pursuit of knowledge and discovery.

This is a beautiful, mystifying Australia, as seen through the prism of the French enlightenment.

Danielle Clode is a science writer fascinated by scientific history. Her other books include Killers in Eden (now an ABC TV documentary), the environmental history, As if for a Thousand Years, and Continent of curiosities: a voyage through Australian natural history.

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