The matrix

Bruno Leti
Macmillan Art Publishing in association with the State Library of Victoria
Hardback 128pp Illustrated ISBN 9781921394300

While the matrix is essential for the production of a print, it is often discarded upon use. Yet, in the act of printing, the matrix is transformed, re-configured by ink or paint.

Looking at them closely, these matrices go some way toward uncovering the beauty and mystery of the printmaking process.

We observe the first tiny scratches, the physicality of the artist's gesture, and sense the matrix’s resistance and the way in which materiality gives itself over to the artist's vision. 

Bruno Leti’s matrices reveal themselves to us in the play of light and shadow, their rectangular forms criss-crossed with lines and markings, scratched into metal like a secret language. Elusive and unknowable, they present themselves as mysterious objects, illuminating Bruno Leti's practice as artist and printmaker.

This book celebrates the matrix, with extraordinary photographs of works from Bruno’s studio, accompanied by illuminating texts by Bruno as well as Sasha Grishin, Anne Kirker, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Alan Loney and Des Cowley.

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