Circus and stage: the theatrical adventures of Rose Edouin and GBW Lewis

Mimi Colligan
Published by Monash University Publishing in association with the State Library of Victoria
Paperback 256pp Illustrated ISBN 9781922235022

Actress Rose Edouin (née Bryer) and entrepreneur and circus performer George Benjamin William Lewis have received too little attention in the history of Australian theatre.

Rose started as a child star in London. She toured the gold towns of Victoria and acted in and directed popular theatre in India and China before opening the Academy of Music/Bijou Theatre in Bourke Street, Melbourne.

George brought the equestrian/horse circus to Melbourne and opened the building that became the Princess Theatre. He built theatres in Calcutta and was an early employer of JC Williamson. For a decade in the late 1800s he managed the Academy of Music/Bijou Theatre.