Capital: Melbourne when it was the capital city of Australia, 1901–1927

Kristin Otto
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Paperback 398pp Illustrated ISBN 9781921520778

In 1901 the Australian colonies came together to form a new nation which, for the next twenty-six years, was governed from Melbourne. It was a small city, a place where people knew each other – not just the people who mattered, but those who didn't yet – where small changes loomed large and the import of big changes could scarcely be imagined.

Kristin Otto describes the developments that shaped the world we know today: from the story of Helena Rubinstein and the invention of the cosmetics industry to the world's first feature film to confectionery king Mac Robertson, packaging pioneer and author of the city's first motor car fatality. She traces, with the lightest of touches, the web of influence, friendship and sheer coincidence that held it all together. Illustrated throughout.

Kristin Otto lives in the Yarra Valley outside Melbourne. After art school, she worked as a research assistant and curator. She now divides her time between bookselling and writing.

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