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Sport & war

The Sport & war exhibition explored what it means to be Australian by examining the relationship between sport and war – two key factors in our culture and national identity.

Sport & war told the stories of famous sporting personalities whose lives and careers were affected (and sometimes ended) by war. Test cricketer Bert Oldfield, boxer Les Darcy and footballer Ron Barassi Snr are among the other champions featured.

The exhibition reflected on the shared ideals of sport and war – teamwork, physical prowess, loyalty and leadership. It showed how high-level sport was disrupted by the world wars and how sport became part of our victory celebrations. Above all, it paid tribute to the struggles and triumphs of many Australians, both well-known and ordinary, on our nation's battlefields and sporting fields over the past century.

This exhibition was held from 11 July to 26 October 2008.

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