Flashpoint theatre at the Library

Monday 7 October 2013, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Village Roadshow Theatrette
Entry 3, La Trobe St
Has wheelchair access Has hearing loop

Enjoy this free event with readings of excerpts from winning scripts from the R E Ross Trust Playwrights' Script Development Awards. Afterwards, join in a discussion with the playwrights and directors, led by Mary Lou Jelbart, director of fortyfive downstairs.

  • There are trees that are dancers by Monica Raszewski
    Writer Vera and artist Hilda meet to conduct an interview for Vera’s new book. The more Vera tries to pin her subject down, the more impossible the interview becomes. The two women find themselves moving towards an increasingly private, strange and at times dangerous space. Director: Elaine Hudson.
  • Prophet by Jodi Gallagher
    A man returns home to his broken city from a devastating war, bringing with him a vision of the end of the world. In the middle of the everyday banalities and political expediency, events converge on a single point of action.Prophetexplores lovers, mothers, sons, fathers and politics in the end times. Director/Dramaturg: Tom Healey.
  • Opera for a small mammal by Margaret Cameron
    After the opera, the empty theatre is alive with ghosts. Regina Josefine lives here – she is the Mouse Queen. Her tale glints with thieveries from Shakespeare, Franz Kafka, Lewis Carroll, Gertrude Stein and Beat poet Michael McClure. Director: David Young.