Tim Flannery on climate change

Tim Flannery, one of the world’s leading writers on climate change, talks to Melbourne secondary school students about the causes and effects of global warming, and what can be done about it.

The talk, presented by the Centre for Youth Literature and Text Publishing, marks the launch of We are the weathermakers, Flannery’s young-adult edition of The weathermakers. Both books explore how we have become the weathermakers and are influencing climate change, and how we can change to help combat the problems.

Tim Flannery is a writer, scientist and explorer. His publications include The eternal frontier, and the award-winning bestsellers, The future eaters and Throwim way leg. He is director of the South Australian Museum, and chairman of both the State Science Council and Sustainability Roundtable. He is also the National Geographic Society's representative for Australasia.

With thanks to Text Publishing, Gemma Rayner, Rod Quantock and Fraser Brindley (Melbourne City Council).