Managing self, managing others

NSW Women's Fire Auxiliary, 1942, Argus newspaper collection

Managing self, managing others is a free professional development program that introduces the soft skills of people management.

Up to 20 places are available to enthusiastic mid-level managers, team leaders and coordinators from Victorian public libraries and State Library Victoria who have supervisory responsibilities and are keen to develop their people skills.

The four-day residential program is facilitated by Adam Le Good, Adele Gaylard and Steve Treble of Fundamental Training and Development. Participants learn how to develop a workplace culture of:

  • best practice in staff management, through an understanding of emotional intelligence, personality types and team dynamics
  • innovation, through open communication, staff development and team building
  • partnering and collaboration with Victorian public libraries and State Library Victoria, through networking opportunities.

Managing self, managing others is part of the Statewide Public Library Development Projects, a collaboration of State Library Victoria and Public Libraries Victoria Network.

About Fundamental Training and Development

Fundamental Training and Development was established in 1995 to meet the demand for high-quality, practical management training that enables staff to improve their present performance and their future opportunities, and become even more valuable assets to the organisations that employ them.

Fundamental Training and Development has been delivering training in the library sector since 2004. Clients include ALIA; CAVAL; the State Libraries of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia; the National Library of Australia; and numerous public and academic libraries.