Collection & resources development policy

We have been developing our collections for over 150 years. Over that time, collecting has reflected changes in taste, research needs, intellectual fashion, technologies and the financial resources available.

The Collection & resources development policy captures some of the history of these changes as well as setting out the principles and guidelines that provide the foundation for developing our collections in the 21st century.

The policy aims to:

  • guide the development of the collection according to an agreed set of principles
  • make public and transparent the current collecting guidelines of the Library
  • record some of the past collecting practices
  • provide Library users, other libraries and the Victorian public with a statement on the collecting principles employed by the Library
  • provide Library staff with guidelines to assist with selection of materials for the collections

The collection-building responsibilities of the Library are outlined in the Libraries Act 1988. The collections are further developed by provisions in the Act relating to legal deposit, which requires publishers to lodge copies of their publications with the Library.

Donations to the collection are guided by the Collection & resources development policy together with the Library's Donations policy.

The general collecting principles & levels outline various guidelines and policies that apply across two or more of the collections simultaneously, as well as explanations of the five collecting levels.

Other guidelines and policies are grouped into the eight collections to which they apply.