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Baggage policy

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to protect the collection and ensure the comfort of all visitors by defining the size of bags and personal items permitted to be taken into reading rooms and/or galleries within the Library's premises.

2. Scope

The scope of this policy applies to all members of the public visiting the Library premises.

3. Definitions

3.1 Bags

Bags are defined as all bags and luggage. This includes, but is not limited to: handbags, laptop bags, briefcases, suitcases, music cases, backpacks and shopping bags.

3.2 Items

Personal items are all items not covered by the definition above which includes, but is not limited to: umbrellas, skateboards, food and drink.

3.3 Smarte Carte

Smarte Carte Australia Pty Ltd own, manage and operate a fee-based locker service on behalf of the State Library of Victoria.

3.4 Unattended bags

Unattended bags are all bags and personal items not stored in storage facilities that are not in the immediate vicinity of their owner.

3.5 Conditions of Entry

The Library’s conditions of entry as set out in the by-laws.

4. Roles and responsibilities

4.1 Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian

The Library Board of Victoria has delegated to the Chief Executive Officer and State Librarian the responsibility of determining from time to time the size of any bag that may be brought into the Library.

4.2 Library security personnel

Library security personnel are responsible for ensuring that the baggage policy is consistently applied to members of the public. They must ensure that visitors to the Library adhere to the conditions of entry. They are also responsible for identifying and managing bags left unattended. 

4.3 Smarte Carte Australia Pty Ltd personnel

SmarteCarte locker attendants are responsible for orienting visitors to the Palmer Hall locker area, providing assistance in the use of the lockers, and responding to locker faults, locker complaints, thefts and other locker-specific issues.

4.4 Library staff

Library staff are responsible for assisting in the consistent application of baggage policy. Library staff should assist in orienting visitors to the front of house areas and communicating bag size restrictions and other conditions of entry.

4.5 Visitors to the Library

Visitors to the Library are responsible for observing and complying with the Library's conditions of entry.

5. Policy

5.1 Bag size

Bags and other items larger than 30cm x 40cm x 10cm are not permitted to be taken into Library reading rooms and/or galleries (this includes handbags, laptop bags, umbrellas and other personal items). Bags are permitted in the foyer, Palmer Hall locker area and Mr Tulk.

5.2 Exceptions

From time to time visitors may be allowed to bring oversized bags and items into reading rooms and/or galleries. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • official Library visitors who are accompanied by Library staff members
  • guests attending Library events, or venue hire functions
  • visitors with bags containing care needs who are accompanying children or people with disabilities
  • instances where storage facilities are not available

It is a condition of entry that visitors who are permitted to take oversized items into the Library premises will, upon exit, present them for inspection by security personnel.

5.3 Storage facilities

A combination of complimentary and fee-for-service storage facilities are available at the State Library of Victoria. Library staff are not permitted to store personal items or bags for visitors.

The Library provides complimentary storage for umbrellas.

Smarte Carte Australia Pty Ltd own, manage and operate a fee-based locker service on behalf of the State Library of Victoria. Visitors wishing to use the locker service enter into an agreement with Smarte Carte, understanding that the State Library of Victoria has no responsibility for the day-to-day management of this service and is not liable for any damage or loss sustained by a user.

5.4 Unattended bags

Visitors are required to keep permitted bags with them at all times. Visitors should take care with personal items and be vigilant in supervising their bags.

Bags left unsupervised in any part of the Library (including the foyer and Palmer Hall locker area) will be considered abandoned and may be confiscated by Library security personnel.

Bags deemed suspicious will be cordoned off and managed in accordance with the Library's emergency response procedures.

Visitors wishing to retrieve bags that have been impounded by security personnel should direct their enquiries to the security guard on duty, located in the foyer.