The State Library partners with many organisations to work towards building a digitally and socially inclusive community, and has strong community partnerships and supporters across Victoria.

Multicultural Media Exchange

The Library supports Multicultural Media Exchange (previously New Australia Media), which aims to give a voice to those in our community who are missing – and sometimes misrepresented – in the mainstream media.

A not-for-profit association, Multicultural Media Exchange aims to make the mainstream media more multicultural and the multicultural media more mainstream. Its website features stories from a wide range of different cultural communities, and is hosted by the Library.

Growing global communities

The Growing Global Communities project included the Somali Book Fair and Orthographic Mapping for the Harari Language. The Library's Vicnet division (no longer in operation) worked with community organisations to organise a showcase of Somali publications and manuscripts, exploring the literary and linguistic heritage of Victoria's Somali people.

It also included the development of a keyboard layout and orthographic mapping for the Harari language, used by the people of Ethiopia, which automatically convert texts from one language to another. This important project helped bridge the technology divide and preserve the language and culture of Victoria's Harari-speaking people.