Tate Adams Memorial Residency at Baldessin Press & Studio

State Library Victoria, in partnership with the Baldessin Press, is offering a new artist's book residency as part of the annual fellowship program.

The Tate Adams Memorial Residency is offered to an artist to accomplish a limited edition or unique state artist's book, using research from State Library Victoria and the studio facilities at Baldessin Press & Studio.

The Baldessin Press can supply studio access, accommodation and assistance to facilitate the book project in many ways, to the sum of $5000 over the 12-month period.

The recipient also has the opportunity to participate in an event to present their project to the Library, the public and other supporters.


Applications for the 2019–20 fellowship are now closed. The deadline for receiving fellowship applications was midnight on Sunday 28 April 2019.

The creative content of applications is of primary importance. Along with clearly describing the book's proposed content, design and appearance as a finished object, applications can include original text, typography, sketches or examples, proposed printmaking components and binding or presentation. Each application will be judged on individual merit, including the artist's personal conception, expression and definition of book art.

Note: Applicants must include documented and dated images of their work, along with links to any websites where their work is displayed.

More information

If you have specific questions about the Tate Adams Memorial Residency requirements or selection process, contact Gail Schmidt at fellows@slv.vic.gov.au or on 03 8664 7335.

About Tate Adams & Baldessin Press

Tate Adams AM (1922–2018) established the artist print department at RMIT in 1960 and championed printmaking throughout Australia. His students included George Baldessin.

Situated in bushland 50 km from Melbourne in St Andrews, the Baldessin Press & Studio is named in memory of artist, printmaker and sculptor George Baldessin (1939–78), who built the bluestone studio in 1971.

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