Indigenous Victorian Aboriginal Cultural Research Fellowship

Reminiscence of a visit to Victoria, Australia, April 1889 Part I. John Steel 1870?-1896, photographer. Zoological Gardens, specimens of Aboriginal amenities.

The Indigenous Victorian Aboriginal Cultural Research Fellowship is a specialist fellowship open to researchers who identify as an Indigenous Victorian Aboriginal.

About the fellowship

The fellowship aims to increase Aboriginal Victorians' access to cultural knowledge held in the Library's collections, by supporting researchers to identify important items and produce research material to be used by the community.

The Library's collections include significant primary evidence of the interactions between white settlers and Victoria's Aboriginal communities since colonisation; documentation of Victorian Aboriginal people by anthropologists, colonial administrators and photographers; and cultural knowledge provided by the ancestors.

The importance of access to this collection material for the Victorian Aboriginal community cannot be overstated. The material has breathed life into cultural renewal programs that are restoring a sense of place and engendering a healthy self-esteem, and it has the potential to do much more.

Fellows receive a grant of $15,000 for three months' research, space in a shared office that is accessible outside normal Library hours, and special access to collections and staff expertise.

More information

If you have specific questions about the Indigenous Victorian Aboriginal Cultural Research Fellowship requirements or selection process, contact Gail Schmidt at or on 03 8664 7335.