Current fellow: Dr Jude Walton

Installation and performance: Research into women who existed on the margins of the Surrealist movement in Paris and Melbourne

Jude's research will involve searches around the topics of women Surrealist artists, Surrealism and performance, the notion of the muse, self-representation and objects of desire.

Her research will result in the development of a new activated installation and performance, Nadja-Leona (remembering a woman who…), based on Andre Breton's book Nadja.

Her work will be presented at the Alliance Française de Melbourne in November 2018 and in Paris in 2019, along with an illustrated floor talk.

Dr Jude Walton works across film, visual art and performance, making installations, books and time-based interventions/situations. As an ensemble of works, they generate a poetics of ephemeral practice concerned with bodies, in place/s and time/s stretching over the past 20 years.

Jude has directed solo and group works in art galleries and specific sites in major cities across Australia and overseas.

Her practice is at the edge of the ephemeral and the material, in which the performances create visual, auditory and kinesthetic environments that invite experiential, embodied responses from the viewer.