Tim Stone and Aya Hatano

Documentary: Poynduk – The city that never was

Tim and Aya's interactive documentary explores an ambitious proposal to establish the Jewish settlement of Poynduk in Tasmania's remote south-west wilderness. The project will also reveal the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Critchley Parker Jr, the architect of this ill-fated plan.

Parker died alone, huddled in his sleeping bag on the foothills of Mt McKenzie, Port Davey, a site he hoped would one day become the 'Paris of Australasia'. Parker's plans for Poynduk were extraordinarily detailed and thorough, and his descriptions of a city at Port Davey were vivid and illustrative.

Using Parker's diary and photographs, combined with related manuscripts, photographs and articles, the documentary will investigate Parker's motivation, recreate his vision and explore whether his plan could have changed the modern world.

Tim Stone is a documentary filmmaker and broadcast journalist with an extensive knowledge of both television and digital production. His documentaries, short films and comedy series have screened at prestigious film festivals around the world. His 2015 graffiti documentary, Thrill + fury: The art of the tag, is taught in Australian schools.

As a journalist, Tim has interviewed some of the world's leading art figures, and as a broadcast journalist he has produced television for ABC News, News Breakfast and ABC's arts and culture show The Mix.

Aya Hatano is a digital designer who has worked at high-profile companies such as ABC, Channel 7 and HBO, and for a leading museum design company with clients across the globe.

Aya has a passion for motion graphics and interactive design using archival material, and has produced educational interactives, animations and multimedia content for institutions across the world.

Tim and Aya have spent most of their working lives using archives to tell compelling stories about the past, present and future for museums, broadcasters and for private projects. In 2017, they set up Gatherer, a creative studio that takes an archive-first approach to content production.