Ella Egidy

Book manuscript: Hold your tongue: An illustrated history of control and dissent in Victoria

Hold your tongue is a graphic history of key social issues and movements in Victoria, presented through political propaganda and public art in the form of a book. It will include material from military, government and election campaigns, posters, student newspapers, protest banners, union publications and satirical cartoons.

Australia has a rich, politically charged visual history and this book will canvass its extremes, from the racist material at the start of the 20th century to the diverse currents of grassroots political activism. Ella's research will explore the visual nature of propaganda, commencing with an introductory and contextualising essay and including dated captions to accompany each political artefact.

A publication such as this has the power to highlight many of the issues mass media engages with today, but also shines a positive light on how far we have come with some of the issues. It is at times retrospective, and at others contemporary.

Ella Egidy has worked internationally as an editorial designer and as a letterpress typographer in London, Sydney and Melbourne. Focusing her attention on publishing, and currently freelancing, she art directs and designs illustrated large-format, non-fiction titles and trade publications.

Ella's work is research based, with the design becoming an extension of a title's historical content and being visualised in a contemporary manner. In 2017 she was named runner-up Young Designer of the Year by the Australian Book Designers Association.