Donna Kendrigan

Animation project: Hyperrealia

Donna's research will focus on carefully chosen realia from the Library's diverse collections, which will be brought to life in a series of 20 short digital animation loops. Through a journey of research in the Library's archives of realia, the project seeks to discover unique and compelling objects.

Donna is fascinated by the journeys that these objects take, historically and culturally, and the changing meanings that often accompany them. She will draw out both historical and personal meanings of each object, as well as their aesthetic qualities and artistry, to find their messages and to recognise connections.

Through observation, research, interpretation and reflection, she will respond to each historical object by creating an animated loop that brings life to the realia, and reveals their individual stories and journeys, as well as unfamiliar aspects and imagined experiences.

Each animation will consist of a seamless loop (ranging between one to 30 seconds) to evoke a fleeting moment's view into the object's past and 'presence'. From this, traces of story and history will appear, engaging the audience and leading the curious viewer towards deeper research, aided by links to the Library's catalogue information and online resources.

Donna Kendrigan is a Melbourne-based artist with an extensive and accomplished animation history, working with both traditional and digital techniques. Her work traverses the terrain from narrative to experimental, from sculptural dioramas to installation art.

Donna studied animation at VCA Film & TV in 1997, and holds a BA in Illustration. She studied Electronic Design and Interactive Media at RMIT in 2002. In 2004, SBS commissioned Donna to produce an animation as part of their acclaimed World tales series.

Donna teaches animation and digital imaging at RMIT University, and also works part time as a library officer at RMIT University Library.