The State Library's fellowship program is one of the most substantial in Australia. Each year, the Library offers Creative Fellowships to encourage the original and imaginative use or development of the Library’s collections for new work.

The Library also provides a number of fellowships to support and recognise the importance of scholarly endeavour in areas ranging from children’s literature and colonial history to Victorians' experience of World War I.

The fellowships are funded by the State Library Victoria Foundation and other program partners, and are awarded annually on the advice of independent expert panels.

The following fellowships have been offered in 2016:

The following fellowships were not offered in 2016:

  • AGL Shaw Summer Fellowships
  • La Trobe Society Fellowship
  • Russell Beedles Performing Arts Fellowship

Visit our Library Fellows gallery to see examples of the wonderful work undertaken by our Creative Fellows and the innovative ways they have presented their research.